Train To Hire

Globally companies are relying more and more on “Just in time “ hiring of ready-to-deploy resources with the objective of reducing hiring cost, training time and the cost involved in the whole exercise

Train to Hire Model is the answer to the “Just In Time” hiring requirement . this model involves 3 Steps

Step 1 : Selection of the right Candidate as per Company requirement

Step 2 : Candidate under goes the Company authorised customised training program

Step 3 : Company hires the candidate 

Hiring casino employees is not as difficult as you might think. You don’t have to experience the stress of interviewing every applicant. There are now certain companies looking for decent casino workers, such as Micro Academy, which has the status of a preferred partner in both training and casino sites ireland hiring, but beyond that, the process of hiring a casino employee can be quite straightforward and straightforward. The first step you need to take is to sign an agreement with the casino itself. In addition, you should also provide a list of your top candidates for your favorite casino.

Why Micro Academy

Micro Academy has over 2 decades long association with IT companies and enjoys a preferred-partner status, both in Training and Recruitment space, this has helped in putting together a curriculum that builds a strong foundation in Technology, Soft Skills and Quality standards.

The curriculum is designed with inputs from the Corporate after understanding the gap that exists between the current skills, what businesses’ need and are looking for in a potential employee.

The course at Micro Academy is so constructed using state-of-the-art infrastructure as to provide the participants with simulation of real-life production environment. These sessions impart critical trouble-shooting skills, which are much sought after by the industry.

The training is conducted by industry experts with vast breath and depth of experiences